Monday, 26 May 2014

Can you remember Colours?

You will know that I use thread to attach my handmade buttons to the ceramic quilt bowls and also to sew up the threadbare patches?  Well, I needed more thread and thought I'd just pop in as I was in the town. But which green is mine, and which is the blue that matches the blue glaze I use?  
Sewn-up threadbare patch on ceramic quilt bowl
You'd think it would be easy enough to choose, since I use these threads all the time.  No .... not worth the risk.  Come back another time - a little more prepared!

Handmade ceramic buttons with their matching thread
So I did.  I took my buttons in and matched them up.  Yes ...  I can hear you ... of course, I could just keep the little labels or make a note of the numbers, but that would be way too organised for me!

Quilty homewares products available from us at Spalding Quilt Show 30th & 31st May

So, I am starting to worry that we are not organised enough for the Quilt Show at the weekend - I do have lists of lists - that's a good start!  Come and see us if you're going - we're on Stand 52.  We'll be the ones looking like we've forgotton something!

x Cathy

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Facebook versus Blogging

When we launched the new patchwork patterned homewares, I had to finally give in and do the Facebook thing.  I've always loved blogging, but up til that point, the joys of other social media had been avoided like the plague escaped me.
But in the few short weeks that we've had a Facebook Page, I can honestly say that it has been a revelation.  Yes, it's a necessary 'marketing tool' (hate that phrase!) for any business, but it's more than that - I love the sound-bite quality of Facebook, the quickness and the quirkiness, the ability just to let someone know you've seen and liked something even if you haven't got time to write a comment.

Online interview on Homemaker's blog

So, I post newsy bits on FB every few days, which don't ever find their way into blogland, like the above interview for Homemaker Magazine's blog, and the nice piece in Popular Patchwork, and the news that my pottery is now in the wonderful Quilt Museum shop in York, and lots of other random little updates.

But, conversely, I love being able to write thoughtfully and in depth about something, which is, for me, what a blog is all about. 
Except, sometimes, well, I just think I want to share the little bits with all of you too, so hence this random round-up of recent news!

Come see us at the Springfields Quilt Show 30-31st May

So, our latest Facebook post is that we will be at the Springfields Quilt Show in Spalding, Lincolnshire, on 30th and 31st May with the quilty homewares and lots of tiny ceramic giveaways, so if you're going, please stop by and say hello.  As you can see, I made our sign myself in the same patterns as our homewares products.  We thought about getting one done professionally, but I quite like my version!

Made from the artwork for our 'Summer Winds' design - resourceful or what?

Hope you've enjoyed the sunshine today - it's been glorious, hasn't it!  Now, for a good old catch-up with you all - sorry not to have visited lately!!

x Cathy