Friday, 24 April 2015

Dresden Plate Quilt Pattern

'Dresden Plate' Quilt Block Bowl from

I've used the so-called Dresden Plate Quilt Block before
and am always pleased with the finished piece,
so now it's one of my regular patterns.

Impressing the 'daisy' lace to make the border
Removing the lace to reveal the pattern
 I do try to vary the decoration each time. 
I don't think I've ever made two pieces EXACTLY the same.
Dots!  So time-consuming to glaze around each one!

This particular quilt pattern was one of the most popular quilts made during the 1920s and 30s.
Those made in the 30s would usually use floral prints typical of that period, 
or prettily patterned feedsacks.

Always looks messy before going in for second firing

I wish now that I had given my version rounded or pointed ends
 for each radiating petal, 
rather than just the smooth outer circle - will do that next time!

The name obviously refers back to the elaborately decorated porcelain emanating from Dresden, Germany during the 19th century -
 when it was a centre for the romanticism movement in art.

So, it's a bit weird that I have taken a quilt pattern
originally named after china plates
and put it back onto an earthenware bowl.

extra embellishment by sewing on one of my handmade ceramic buttons
 The romanticism movement was all about embellisment,
 so I hope they'd approve of my over-the-top decoration
 with a little sewn on button!

Are you one for embellishment, 
or do you prefer plain, understated, minimal?
  I'm an odd mix of both.

x Cathy

Friday, 10 April 2015

A Love-Hate Relationship

The piece below is one which I finished over the Easter break.  
The pattern is called "Laced Star".

available from

I LOVE it .... and I HATE it!!
I always go wrong when plotting this design onto the clay slab.
Somehow, I just don't immediately 'get' how it all hangs together.

all sewn up with matching thread
 So I also hate it, for being so difficult.  
And that's why this is only the second time I've done this design. 

Border made by impressing plastic net container from oranges .

But I love it when it's finished precisely because of its complexity.
Therein lies the interest.
I decided to do dots, just to make a bit more work for myself!

Do you ever wonder why you set yourself
 such a complicated task,
which you kind of hate whilst you're doing it,
but love it for the finished result?  

Hope you all had a lovely Easter in this gorgeous spring weather we had!!

x Cathy