Friday, 27 November 2015

Creating and Hibernating

The dark days of Autumn 
(or is it now Winter now that December is nearly upon us?)
always bring out the creative urge in me. 
And they don't feel gloomy at all. 
They feel productive and happy.
Leather hard stage - drying before first firing

Staying in and playing with clay 
whilst listening to my favourite podcasts
is bliss.

Detail - birdies, houses, hearts, autumn leaves

On days when I haven't been for a run,
I'll take a break and go for a walk round the country lanes.

Fired once, glaze applied and ready for second firing
Then back to work, sitting in the warm, 
glazing pots and daydreaming, and drinking tea.

Opening kiln. Three layers, sometimes four, packed to the hilt.
Excitement comes on those days when I open the kiln.
Oooh!  Wonderful.  Just what I hoped for!

Detail.  The colours just sing out!
Let's have a closer look .....

Some favourite motifs
A beautiful Autumny piece with all my favourite things on it,
from apple trees to sailing boats.

Yep.  Pleased with this one.

No ... I don't mind a few months of dark days,
when I can hibernate and create.

What about you?

x Cathy