Saturday, 22 August 2015

What I did in the Holidays

Just a few pics of bits and bobs to emerge from the kiln 
during this very sunless Scottish summer ....

Experimenting with different shapes for bowls.

Ceramic bowl with windmill pattern and wheels.

Collecting driftwood, green glass, and just about anything else. 
That's twenty year old Joe 
getting over-enthusiastic with the size of the driftwood!

Small hanging sail-boats.

And a little tribute to my love of Scotland,
its mountains, its lochs, its beaches, its cities, its people.
More of all that in my next post.

Ceramic hanging heart with Scottish thistle emblem

Apologies for the very short and sweet post this week.
Too much non-pottery related stuff going on at the moment!

x Cathy

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Wedding Favours - part two

Just a few pictures to give a flavour of the wedding 
and the finished ceramic wedding favours . . .

Cotswolds country church wedding and the sun shone!

Home-made confetti - real dried flower petals

The flowers were the palest blues, peach and ivory.

The finished ceramic wedding favours glazed to tone in with the flowers
Gorgeous colours - so delicate and so pretty.

Pale blue, pale peach and ivory - all set off with a blue ribbon
The little ivory satin bags contained sugared almonds,
and they were nice too!.  

A lot of work had gone into making it a fabulous day
- my efforts were but a tiny part. 
But it all paid off and everything was stunningly beautiful, 
especially the bride!

x Cathy