Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spring Sunshine Pots

A while ago I went into a shop in Edinburgh to buy a handbag and came out with a new 'pattern maker' for my pots.  It's a large wooden indian textiles printing block - to add to my growing collection!  One impression of the block makes the four by four pattern you see here.

clay slab with pattern impressed into it
I was initially drawn to it because of its patchwork of squares, which fits neatly into my designs.  But it also has an African feel to it, which I liked.

glazed and fired in oranges and yellows

But once I had glazed it in glorious oranges and yellows, I realised that I had created some much needed sunshine!  Eight little yellows suns, to be precise.

The finished piece -

It's a simple design, but I am pleased with the effect.  
corner detail with flower border

Am not sure that Spring has really sprung yet up here in the wilds of the North.  There are a few lambs about and the odd Daffodil has come into flower, but it feels like it'll be a few weeks yet.

Chicken and Trinket Dish made with same pattern

In fact, yesterday was pretty much the colour of the slate tile in the above picture - ALL DAY!  Sometimes you have to make your own sunshine!

(Oh, and yes, going back to the first sentence, I did get the handbag too!  Of course!).

Edinburgh is full of shops where you go in for one thing and come out with half a dozen others.  Things you just never knew you 'needed' til you saw them.  Please say I'm not the only one....

x Cathy