Thursday, 24 April 2014

What to do when your heart breaks

Any kind of heart-break is painful. 
When it's a clay heart that breaks .... well, I don't exactly shed a tear, it's more of a murmured expletive!

Broken Hearted again!

When the piece is made and the wet clay completely dried out, it is extremely brittle - a bit like the texture of chalk. And it is at this stage that I get around to 'fettling' it. 

In Yorkshire, where I'm from,  'to fettle' something means to sort it, or manage it.

Fettling clay means cleaning it up and scraping off any rough edges, etc. 
And once in a while, something snaps!    "Oh bother!",  I am heard to say cheerfully.

Recycling clay to be used once more - waste not, want not!

But a broken heart is easily fixed.
Just break it into tiny pieces, immerse the bits in water and make new clay with which to make a new heart! 
Let that one dry out, don't break it again and pop into the kiln with the rest of the pieces.

Dried clay pieces ready to be bisque fired

A broken heart is one thing, but if I happen to break one of those large bowls whilst fettling the edges, best keep your distance!

As with all broken hearts, they always come good in the end, even if they're a bit patched together like these.

Patchwork Hearts from

Did you ever get your heart broken?  How did you mend yours?

x Cathy

Friday, 11 April 2014

Life's Big Questions ...

Why do I notice signage and lettering everywhere and wonder about the chosen font?  

Signs in North Norfolk and Italy

Why do I love poking around salvage yards so much - is it because I can buy an old radiator, a bread bin and a boat in one handy purchase?

North Norfolk

And, as I asked on my Facebook page last week, why do I never actually finish a cup of tea?  Do you?  This can be annoying for the person who kindly makes it for you, you know!

Mug and Coaster from

And what is it about windmills that makes them so fascinating, so pretty and so completely silly all at the same time?

Cley, Norfolk - on a grey day!

And why, when given the choice of going through a nice, neat, easy-to-enter door, would I prefer to try the overgrown, shabby, is-it-even-a-door door?  

The Doors
Which door would you choose?
Some of life's imponderables for you to ponder this weekend.
  Hope the sun shines for you!

x Cathy