Monday, 13 July 2015

Do me a Favour ....

... well, 85 favours to be exact - wedding favours!

As you can see from the date, 
this special day will be happening very soon.

This post shows the first half of the making process, 
up to the point before I apply the coloured glaze.

I didn't think it fair for you to see them before the wedding guests, 
so my next post will show them glazed,
finished, in situ, on the tables at the wedding reception!

It was decided to go for something different
to the usual heart shape, 
so I made the elegant oval shape 
by pressing out the clay with the plastic top from a fabric conditioner bottle.

Laid out flat to dry out.
I thought the repetition might get a bit boring,
but actually I just got into the zone and it was quite relaxing really.

Some special ones, for the special people!
I did vary it by changing the design a bit from time to time.

Once dried out, they need the rough edges sanding away.
The 'fettling' process above is the  part
where they are likely to break easily.
  Only one casualty this time!

All dried out, neatly stacked and waiting to go into the kiln.
They will be tied with ribbon 
matching the colour of the flowers,
 to little satin bags (above) of sugared almonds.

All out of the kiln, (bisque-fired), and ready to glaze and fire a second time.

So, next time, the pictures will be so much more colourful!
With frills, and flowers, and sunshine (hopefully, please!).

See you next time.

x Cathy