Friday, 22 May 2015

Work : Life Balance

I seem to have got my Work/Life balance, well, off-balance.
It's been weighing down in favour of Life, not Work!

Which way next??
We seem to be always on the move.
Exploring, wandering, gazing. 

Dunrobin Castle - beautiful!

Up the east coast of Scotland,
taking in a few little houses on the way. 
This one's back yard looked out over a glistening sea - beautiful!

Spectacular abandoned beaches on the northern coast of the UK.

Saying Hello to the locals!

  He was completely oblivious of the wonderful
 snow-capped mountains in the background.

Balnakeil Beach near Durness on the north coast

Saw a mad woman doing a highland fling on a beach at sunset.
  Dunno who she is??!

Braemar Castle

 Down through the Cairngorms and a few more wee houses.

Scone Palace

 Up to the top of Aviemore where the weather
was distinctly chillier than at the bottom.

Felt privileged to sit and watch this bottlenose dolphin
bobbing up and down in the Moray Firth.

No ... it's not a shark!
And for some reason,
the pottery that I have got around to making
has come out with little boats
all around the border.

available from
Maybe a good work/life balance
would be to make pottery indoors all winter
and then go out and have fun all summer. 
Sounds good to me!

x Cathy