Friday, 12 February 2016

New things and old things

Had a bit of a post-Christmas, yucky weather, can't-be-bothered, kind of slump.  So I've been experimenting with some new shapes, as a way of getting me back into my pottery.

I decided to try a more rounded shape - maybe influenced by my own more rounded post-Christmas shape - who knows.......

Bisque fired on top, finished below
At any rate, I was pleased with the results.  The bottom left was meant as a flower vase, with holes in the side through which to poke extra stems.  But my clever friend, Claire, suggested that it would make the perfect yarn bowl. Not being a knitter, I didn't really think of that, but I see it now!

Tiny ceramic houses - bisque on top, finished below.

Then, instead of making the usual buttons and beads with the left over clay scraps at the end of a making session, I found myself making these tiny things instead.  They're about two inches by one inch in size and, again, I am pleased with the results.   A whole village is in the making!

Top - awaiting glaze firing.  Bottom - finished items.
I think I know what these are going to be used for, but am not sure if it'll work yet ....  I still have to follow this idea through to its end - watch this space.

Happy Valentine's Day!
But, fear not, I did make a few of the old favourites.  Hearts as they're continually in demand - and rightly so!  

It feels good to go off in a few new directions now and then as a way of re-igniting the enthusiasm.  I even lost sleep the other night thinking about new ideas, and that hasn't happened for a while.  So, slump over!  How about you - does your creativity dip now and again?  What's your remedy?

x Cathy

p.s.  I used the 'down-time' to set up an Etsy Shop and get completely addicted to Instagram, which I never would have predicted!

On Etsy look for 'Catherine Daniel Pots'
And my Instagram is 'Catherine Daniel Ceramics'