Friday, 12 February 2016

New things and old things

Had a bit of a post-Christmas, yucky weather, can't-be-bothered, kind of slump.  So I've been experimenting with some new shapes, as a way of getting me back into my pottery.

I decided to try a more rounded shape - maybe influenced by my own more rounded post-Christmas shape - who knows.......

Bisque fired on top, finished below
At any rate, I was pleased with the results.  The bottom left was meant as a flower vase, with holes in the side through which to poke extra stems.  But my clever friend, Claire, suggested that it would make the perfect yarn bowl. Not being a knitter, I didn't really think of that, but I see it now!

Tiny ceramic houses - bisque on top, finished below.

Then, instead of making the usual buttons and beads with the left over clay scraps at the end of a making session, I found myself making these tiny things instead.  They're about two inches by one inch in size and, again, I am pleased with the results.   A whole village is in the making!

Top - awaiting glaze firing.  Bottom - finished items.
I think I know what these are going to be used for, but am not sure if it'll work yet ....  I still have to follow this idea through to its end - watch this space.

Happy Valentine's Day!
But, fear not, I did make a few of the old favourites.  Hearts as they're continually in demand - and rightly so!  

It feels good to go off in a few new directions now and then as a way of re-igniting the enthusiasm.  I even lost sleep the other night thinking about new ideas, and that hasn't happened for a while.  So, slump over!  How about you - does your creativity dip now and again?  What's your remedy?

x Cathy

p.s.  I used the 'down-time' to set up an Etsy Shop and get completely addicted to Instagram, which I never would have predicted!

On Etsy look for 'Catherine Daniel Pots'
And my Instagram is 'Catherine Daniel Ceramics'


  1. Fab work as always Cathy! I like the little 'Norfolk' cones, so sweet. You used your 'down time' well! IG is great, isn't it? I love it too X

  2. Yarn bowls are great and multi hole ones would facilitate stranded colourwork beautifully (take my word for it) :) I love those Norfolk cones as well, reusable icecream cones :), popcorn holders ... aaahhh I can see them holding scrummly littler balls of locally produced indie yarns ... sorry yarn fetish overspill here.

    The little houses are so nice as well and remind me of Kirsty Elson on Facebook with her driftwood Cornish cottages. There's a thought, a row of your little houses on a piece of driftwood or any wood for that matter. I keep having loads of slightly bizarre ideas at the moment and have to keep sternly reminding myself that I only have one pair of hands.


  3. so lovely, especially those vases x I love my heart of yours, some things you must never stop making!

  4. Good to know you've bounced back!

  5. I love your vases, especially the one on the left. X

  6. I love the houses, and yes, that would make a great yarn bowl! Happy Valentines! xx

  7. Love that feeling when you can't sleep because you're excited about some new ideas. Beautiful pottery. love the vase and the heart.

  8. Hello Cathy- good to know you are still making lovely things, I am just about back after a long absence...Kate x

  9. Love the vases, not being a knitter either I'd definitely be thinking flowers and holes for extra stems sounds a great idea to me. And wow to the tinyness of those houses! A village of them will be very cute. Congratulations on getting an Etsy shop open and glad your slump is over.


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