Friday, 4 March 2016

Peace and Quiet

My good blog-friend Clare has had an incredibly tough time recently. 
One of her ways of trying to cope with her grief 
was to focus on her summerhouse,
fitting it out, tidying it up, making things for it, etc.  
She liked the driftwood and ceramic signs I make and so,
as a gesture (however inadequate!) of my empathy and support,
I insisted that she take it as a gift.

Attaching 'D rings' to the back of the sign
I find the non-pottery aspects of making these signs very satisfactory. 
Using different tools for different tasks. 
Neatly coiling the wire round and round with the little pliers,
and adding beads, or, in this case, acorns.  

Then, I make the clay letters,
fire them once, glaze them and fire again, 
before attaching to the driftwood. 
Clare's summerhouse is called 'Peace and Quiet'. 
I think we can all relate to that idea!

So, the sign was sent off.  
She loved it. We kept in touch. 
Then, some months later, out of the blue,
the postman brought me this beautiful
quilted wall-hanging, handmade by Clare!

My rubbish photo doesn't do it justice,
but take it from me, it is really lovely. 
The accent colour in my kitchen
is the exact deep red she's used in the border,
so it hangs in there as a daily reminder
of just how nice people are!!

She knows me well! How fabulous to incorporate that fabric on the right!

 Oh Yes!

These are for my own Summerhouse (ok ... garden shed!)
They've been hanging around the studio for months,
 waiting to be made into a sign. 
I can't make stuff for me
 when others are waiting for their orders
 ..... but it will happen!

I've met some really special people through this blog,
and Clare is definitely one of them!

x Cathy


  1. I am sure that Clare really appreciated your sign, it's gorgeous. And how lovely is that quilt, a very special thank you.

  2. I love your quilted ceramics, very lovely sing too your friend must love it

  3. What a wonderful pair you are!

  4. Lovely gifts both, isn't blogging an amazing way to connect X

  5. The quilted wall hanging is beautiful. What a gift! And I may be after one of your lovely wood and ceramic summerhouse about to order one for the garden here where we moved last June, a long held dream

  6. oh both gifts are gorgeous, blogging does create wonderful friendships doesn't it x

  7. Thank you so very much. Just when I am struggling through another slump you post something that lifts my spirit again. I do love the sign and it is hanging in my living room waiting for the summer to go onto the summerhouse. I am so glad you like the quilt and the red matching your kitchen is just pure serendipity :) Thank you my lovely blog friend xxx

  8. Doesn't that quilt say it for so many of us..."I'm a maker"...terrific!

  9. Lovely post Cathy and great gifts. Friendship is wonderful. xx

  10. How kind of you to reach out to Claire in such a beautiful way. I'm sure the sign meant so much to her. And I love the quilt she made for you. That's really what life is all about.

  11. What a beautiful piece for your friend! You are very kind indeed. xx

  12. Ahhh, how lovely both ways. Beautiful sign just in itself but I'm sure it meant so much more than its wood and clay parts to her, and what a gorgeous quilt to receive now, I love that fabric too! I'm going to have to investigate it!

  13. How thoughtful of you to make that beautiful sign for your friend,I'm sure she loved it. Her quilt hanging is amazing! Both very talented and creative!
    Gill xx


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