Saturday, 20 December 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho! and all that

Just a quick post to sign off for the Christmas holidays.  We still have no Broadband in our new place so I may as well kick back for a while and forget about it!

Tiny ceramic Christmas decorations - on sale next year!
I made these little itty bitty things before I packed up the pottery to move it to Scotland.  I'll definitely make some for sale next Christmas, but this year has been too hectic, what with the move an' all.

Ceramic patchwork hearts - with 'thank you' impressed into them
Thanks to all of you for support and good wishes and for visiting my blog and facebook over the past year.  I've met a lot of 'kindred spirits' both here and in person, which has been just lovely.

Hanging hearts in 'autumn/wintery' colours.
Santa arrived early and delivered my new kiln last week, so we'll be up and running in the new year with lots of new ideas for pots.  I didn't put a working Broadband connection on my Christmas list, but I'm not sure that even Santa can sort that one.

So, here's wishing you all a wonderful, peaceful, relaxing Christmas and everything you wish for yourselves for 2015!  See you then!

x Cathy

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Pots for Scots

Sorry about the absence from this spot and for the awful title of this post but the reason for both these things is that we moved north of the border a few weeks ago, and the seamless transition I had hoped for has been thwarted by lack of a Broadband connection in our new house!

The view from our new abode last week on a sunny day.
It all happened so quickly! We are here temporarily whilst we look for a permanent home in the area and once Santa brings my new kiln, I shall start making pots for the Scots!

Same view a week later with some white stuff on the tops!
Everyone here has been really warm and welcoming - I mentioned the lack of internet connection to our neighbour yesterday and here I am sitting at their kitchen table using their internet !

Hanging houses available from
I must have had houses on the brain - these are the last thing I made before we moved. 

Will try and catch up with your blogs as and when I can and hopefully we'll be connected soon and normal service will resume!

x Cathy