Friday, 27 May 2016

Made in May

The problem with doing one blog post at the end of each month
is that it really brings home how fast time races by!
So in the merry month of May,
the glorious emergence of colour outside
was certainly reflected in the studio inside.....

This hexie bowl was slightly experimental
in that I am now using a black underglaze pen
to pick out the stitching detail around the motifs,
and I have to say, I am beyond pleased with the results!

I bought lots of vintage lace
from Portobello market a few weeks ago
and put it to good use by pressing it
into the wet clay to create wonderful patterns.

I had to replace the psychedelic piece that sold last time,
so here we have another version.  Am I on drugs? 
Well yes actually - three different kinds
to manage severe back pain - but that's another story...

I love this little Star dish!  Again, a lacey one. 
There's the doily in the picture.
I did it in blue for the night sky,
with red and orange highlights to make it twinkle!

These hexie bowls keep selling on my Etsy shop,
so more of these coming all the time. 
Always different, never two the same.

Another lacey piece in pretty pinks and blues,
with rows of hearts and flowers. 
So delicate - so Summery!

My personal favourite of the month, (of the year!!),
is this large piece, based on an applique quilt pattern,
with ragged edges, lace-imprinted border,
and even areas showing worn out holes.

The mixed media element is there,
with the thread, and a little blue button separately attached.

And just to show that I do get out from time to time,
here is my shed/beach-hut/summerhouse -
another work of art, hand-painted by me!

Now all we need is SUMMER to go with it!

  ...... with the exception of the shed!!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend in the sunshine. 

xxx Cathy xxx