Tuesday, 5 January 2016

" Noooo! Christmas is dying! "

. . . uttered by 20 year old son
as the halls here get well and truly un-decked.

The mantle above the old brick fireplace
has swapped a garland of Christmas roses
for its garland of seashells.

Ancient beams, once adorned with
boughs of fir and twinkle lights
now stand stark and bare.

The nativity crib on the dresser
is packed away once more,

and other treasures find their way back.

The solitary sitting man 
has replaced a vase of evergreen
in the arch window.

It all has a comforting rhythm
which displaces any sadness.

Those lazy, hazy post Christmas days
of muddled, befuddled festive fug
already belong to last year.

Normal service is resumed
and Mother Christmas once more
becomes Mrs Potter!!

 Happy New Year everyone !

x Cathy

(p.s.  pottery and ceramics update next time!)


  1. And Happy New Year to you too - and may I say that the teatowels I purchased as Christmas presents have been exceedingly well received!!

  2. And Happy New Year to you too - a busy, contented, prosperous year, I hope!

  3. Happy New Year dear Cathy! Lovely to see the barn, what a wonderful space! X

  4. Onwards and upwards they say! Love your new house too.

  5. Happy New Year! Your house looks lovely. Love to put the Christmas tree up but its also nice to take it down and put a bowl of hyacinths in the window to signify spring!

  6. Love that arched window! Nothing in Australia as old and "character" as that. :-)

  7. Sad to see Christmas gone, but your home looks beautiful! I adore your seashell garland!!! xx

  8. Happy New Year Cathy. Your house looks so lovely, and you do get to the point where the decorations gone is actually refreshing. I love your seashells decoration on the fireplace. Such a lovely big space.

  9. Beautiful home, Cathy! Have an awesome year!

  10. Happy new year to you too. I am always secretly glad when its time to pack it all away. Makes the house feel so spacious! Lovely arched window. x

  11. love your shell garland and seaside decorations - gorgeous xxx

  12. Your home looks beautiful, and I love your shell garland, we may have to pinch that idea!

  13. Rather belatedly, Happy New Year to you Cathy :)


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