Friday, 11 April 2014

Life's Big Questions ...

Why do I notice signage and lettering everywhere and wonder about the chosen font?  

Signs in North Norfolk and Italy

Why do I love poking around salvage yards so much - is it because I can buy an old radiator, a bread bin and a boat in one handy purchase?

North Norfolk

And, as I asked on my Facebook page last week, why do I never actually finish a cup of tea?  Do you?  This can be annoying for the person who kindly makes it for you, you know!

Mug and Coaster from

And what is it about windmills that makes them so fascinating, so pretty and so completely silly all at the same time?

Cley, Norfolk - on a grey day!

And why, when given the choice of going through a nice, neat, easy-to-enter door, would I prefer to try the overgrown, shabby, is-it-even-a-door door?  

The Doors
Which door would you choose?
Some of life's imponderables for you to ponder this weekend.
  Hope the sun shines for you!

x Cathy


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos with us! I'd choose the garden door as it looks more interesting to be sure. You're right about wondering about the font and looking at lettering. I find I do that while I'm driving!
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Everyone else in my family loathes 'comic sans' - but I am bombarded with it in every school I work in, as other teachers seem to love it. I was fascinated by the recent research in the USA about which fonts use most ink.
    I get VERY upset by mis-spelt signage [the delicatessen in Swanton Morley has 3 signs, One is spelt incorrectly]
    I like the informality of the fonts on your mugs

    Blessings xx

  3. Completely with you on the fonts and the salvage yards and the doors and the windmills, but these days I drink my tea so fast I usually make it to the bottom. I like it to scald on the way down. xx

  4. Try drinking tea for a cup, not a mug, 'cos there's less of it! (Hee hee hee)
    I would go through the normal door - too much of a battle to fight through the undergrowth on the other one.
    And I DeTesT misspelt words on signage!!

  5. There are so many imponderable things in life! I wonder if you will find some answers one day! xx

  6. It's funny the things we ponder in our days. I'm fascinated by fonts too. and I'd never thought windmills are comical but they are when you think about it. I like looking at the garden door but if I had to go through one it would be the neat door.

  7. I would go through the neat door to see what is inside....but my heart would want to investigate the garden door xo

  8. I am with you all the way there Cathy! xx

  9. Hi Cathy, it's the overgrown door for me, every time! Probably driven by the same impulse that leads me to jumble sales, charity shops and overgrown lanes! Love the signs in the first photo too! Have a great weekend.

  10. Beautiful fonts and I love both doors. can`t choose! :)
    I`m a big fan of bargains too! Love charity shops! :))

  11. THe garden door - very "Secret Garden"! As for fonts and salvage - isn't it all down to a fascination with shape and pattern and form, and the stories they tell...?

  12. Love your questions. My friends get upset that I never finish all the coffee or tea in my cup. I don't know why I do that, it just happens. If I were able, I would choose to be a picker, I do and love searching through things people throw out. I love signs too, not sure if it's the art or the names. As for doors, I have always been a lover of old doors. I have a framed poster of the doors of Colonial Williamsburg

  13. Definitely the overgrown door, The Secret Garden was my favourite book as a child. Will we ever get answers to these questions? It's like why, when we drop a slice of buttered bread, does it always land buttered side down?

  14. Hi Cathy,

    Love all the old font and the salvage yard looks very interesting - remember watching a show from over there and they were going around all those places. Saw lots of treasures I would have liked to take home. Great question and yes, I would probably go for the Garden door.
    Also like the photo of the windmill.
    Happy weekend

  15. Love those old radiators. I'd choose the old door but I do like the eau de nil colour of the other one!

  16. Tea versus coffee aside I think we're kindred spirits ... I even lovingly photograph old radiators!


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