Saturday, 22 August 2015

What I did in the Holidays

Just a few pics of bits and bobs to emerge from the kiln 
during this very sunless Scottish summer ....

Experimenting with different shapes for bowls.

Ceramic bowl with windmill pattern and wheels.

Collecting driftwood, green glass, and just about anything else. 
That's twenty year old Joe 
getting over-enthusiastic with the size of the driftwood!

Small hanging sail-boats.

And a little tribute to my love of Scotland,
its mountains, its lochs, its beaches, its cities, its people.
More of all that in my next post.

Ceramic hanging heart with Scottish thistle emblem

Apologies for the very short and sweet post this week.
Too much non-pottery related stuff going on at the moment!

x Cathy


  1. Good to hear from you again. Yes, it has been rather a sunless summer. And now we have a rain-and-thunderstorm, so who knows how long my computer will last?

    I like that new bowl shape!

  2. I love the shape of that bowl. What is it with 'boys' and sticks? They can never resist getting the biggest one can they!

  3. love that thistle heart, I can imagine that selling like hot cakes x

    as for the driftwood, we have a rule that it's not worth collecting if it's not a huge effort! x

  4. Love that you make as you see Cathy; boats, thistles etc. wonderful X

  5. Love this new shape of the bowls! And I can see thistles as a new big theme for you :)

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog and now I can visit yours. Your ceramics are delightful and really beautiful. The wedding favors are amazing and such a lasting remembrance for the guests. Sweet little sailboat with the Heart shaped sail. I have yet to visit Scotland however it does intrigue me. Your new bowl shape is fabulous. We have lots of sunshine but we also have lots of fires raging this summer. No rain to help quench the fires. I think or crazy weather is the new normal. Creative Bliss...

  7. I do love that thistle design. Gorgeous. Did he bring that driftwood home, or give up? x

  8. Ah beach-combing. I think peering into rock pools is one of my favourite activities. Love sea glass, too.

  9. That bowl looks beautiful finished and I really love your thistle heart, I would think they might be very popular. As for the driftwood, the bigger the better usually, although I have had to give up on quite a few bits in the past due to transportation problems! The piece with the feather in was gorgeous, I'd definitely have had that one if it was moveable.


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