Friday, 19 June 2015

Here comes Summer ...

Well, that's the theory anyway!  
So here's a sunny post to mark the longest day, which is this Sunday.

Messing about making ceramic letters and words 
and bits and bobs and boats and buttons.

Ready to be mounted onto driftwood, 
and threaded with wire and beads for hanging.
ceramics on driftwood from

This one below was ordered especially for a beach-hut. 
The dimensions had to be right so that the sign 
would screw into its spot on the hut.

The 'beautiful little view' is somewhere in Southwold.

Personally, my favourite views are usually of the land ....

'The Devil's Beeftub' in the Scottish Borders

...  whilst Hubby's are usually over water, 
and if there's some amazing engineering to be admired,
 so much the better.

Over the Firth of Forth - the road-bridge in front - the rail-bridge behind

If I had a beach-hut When I get a beach hut,
I have decided to call it "At Last!". 
I shall sit there in the sun with my cup of tea,
breathe out a big satisfied sigh,
and murmur "at last!".

Enjoy the longest day of the year, whatever you do ...
and what are you calling your mythical beach hut?

x Cathy


  1. I love the signs, so very clever. If I had a beach hut I'm not sure what I'd call it but it would have to contain gin and plenty of tonic :-)

  2. How did you get all your pics back? I could play scrabble with those letters!

  3. I love your driftwood signs Cathy. Not sure what I would call my beach hut - watersplash or sunnyside. Needs to be something to make you smile. I like 'Time for Tea'! xx

  4. I don't have a beach hut, but I do have a summer house in my tiny back garden, that is my retreat from the house and the sound of the kids bellowing at each other :) I haven't thought of a name for it yet though A little Peace, might be a good one for it. Maybe you could quote me for a driftwood sign with that on it please :)

  5. I painted the garden shed to look like a beach hut. it's the nearest I'll get to one....... x

  6. Ooh. Gorgeous letters and signs! So glad you got your pic's back! I think if I had a beach hut I'd call it 'Happy Sitting Here' which I would be, and it would also serve as a reply to the family when they shouted 'Are you coming in to the water?' X

  7. I'm like a snail - my beach hut always on my back :)

  8. I love your signs. I lived most of my life on Long Island in NY and now it's the mountains for me.
    My beach house would definitely be call "Bliss" because that's what I always feel when I'm near the water.

  9. I doubt I shall ever own a beach hut - but my husband has built a smoker in the back garden - from an old filing cabinet. It produces great food, but I think it looks utterly ugly. This summer, he is going to build a cover for it, so it LOOKS like a little beach hut. So it will probably have a nameplate saying "The Old Smokehouse"

  10. Beautiful driftwood signs, I'm not sure I hanker after a beach hut, I'd much rather have a beach house - then I wouldn't care what it was called!


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