Friday, 30 October 2015


There's so much Orange everywhere at the moment. 
 Orangeness shouts out from every corner, 
and orange is already a very shouty colour!

Autumn leaves right outside my door
Halloween orangeness is screaming from every direction.
Halloween gets more horrifying each year, on so many levels.
But we won't go into all that!

My very un-scary pumpkin.
Been doing a bit of sculpting today, 
and came up with my own antidote to the horror!

I love Orange as a colour in its own right,
 but I can honestly say that I have never
 worn anything orange in my life.
Yet, I love using orange glaze on my ceramics
 - it has a zesty zinginess about it.

Ceramic patchwork panel - in orange hues.
I really want you to appreciate the sacrifices I made
 in bringing you my friendly pumpkin today,
 so please keep your eyes 'peeled' (sorry!),
as you look at the next picture!
One broken potato peeler!
Lots of pottery in the making but nothing finished as yet. 
 Just got back from a week in Cyprus, 
so yet another interruption to routine. 
 This little fella was wandering around the grounds of our hotel
 - he was about as big as my hand! 

Perhaps the least scary picture ever! 
He looks terrified!  
Maybe he knew Halloween was round the corner!
  Too much orange!

Cathy x


  1. I love the colors of this season too, Cathy. Of course, your pumpkin is just beautiful - love the hearts.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Fab pumpkin carving! My boys have decided to give Halowe'en a miss this year, and have asked me not to decorate the house as I usually do. They want to move seamlessly towards Christmas I think. A bit sad, but I guess everything has a season.... X

  3. Great orange moments, I really like your pumpkins, they are fun aren't they! xx

  4. I don't wear orange as it is ghastly (sorry!) against my skin tone. Totally makes me look ill. LOL I haven't ever used it in my quilting either until last year. Now I love it, I have been slowly growing my orange stash, and using it more and more. As you say it has a real zinginess

  5. I love the pumpkin - much nicer than the scary ones. Orange is a great colour but like you I don't wear I. I do remember and orange jumper from the 70's though - ribbed, sleeveless and with a polo neck it went well with my Mary Quant hair cut!

  6. I love the orange ceramic pieces. And the jolly pumpkin. I also put orange colours in my quilting more ...I like autumn shades. My new garden has had some stunning oranges because of the sunny autumn we've had. Hope you're settling in to your new place?

  7. I love your good tempered and cheerful pumpkin. A distinct improvement on "ghosties and ghoulies and long-leggedity beasties"!

  8. Up until recently I've never been a fan of orange but I have start to appreciate it more over the last few years, I even have a blue and orange frock that I wore quite a lot last year. I love your heart carved pumpkin, I hat the scariness of Halloween. That kitten is adorable.

  9. Orange is my husband's favourite colour, he wore bright orange socks at our wedding and we had orange flowers, and it is especially gorgeous at this time of year, but I think I'm with you on not wearing anything orange! But you're right, your glaze is lovely and zingy, though I think it makes me feel Springlike more than Autumnal, I'd love to see more of it with some fresh green and a pop of yellow or purple maybe! I always find it very difficult to get my making right if I'm trying to use Autumnal inspiration, nature does it so perfectly that it always feels very hard to come close to it. That cat is very cute, I think my children would have had to smuggle him home with us! And hope you had a lovely, relaxing week's holiday.

  10. I'm a child of the 70's. Everything was orange or brown back then!


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