Friday, 29 April 2016

April's Offerings

I suddenly realised it's nearly May.  My disbelief is understandable given that we're now having January's weather again!  Anyway, time to take stock of what's emerged from the pottery this month.  This new format I've imposed on you all is actually quite good for me and acts like a LOG in the true sense of bLOG - a personal log of what I have made and what I plan for next month.  

These are just a few highlights.

As usual, there were little things,like these tiny cup-shaped flowers. 
I impressed the shape into clay, cut round each one individually and shaped them into cups.
To paraphrase William Morris - I don't know that they are useful, but I do believe them to be beautiful!

Then, to some big pieces - this was a commission I got via Etsy, which so far is working well for me.  
This was made to the specifications of the client, and I really love making these extra special, meaningful things.

A few more wraparound vases to replenish those sold last month. 

And my favourite pieces from this month -
four little plates, each bearing a vintage 1930s applique quilt block design.

These are the kind of patterns used in the making of Baltimore Album quilts -
(google it if you don't know and are interested - there are some fabulous examples out there!). Clockwise from top left, they are: 'Meadow Daisy', 'Combination Rose', 'Mexican Rose',  and 'Cherry'.  
Here's one of the patterns from my book.

And last but not least, I made a few Paisley patterned tea-light holders. 
I think these are really sweet, and although it's no longer winter and candle-time, (no, really, it isn't!!), I made these in pastels so that they can be used on all those many long summer evenings when we're all dining alfresco.  

All these are now in my Etsy shop.

Hope you all have a warm, spring-sunshiny, bank-holiday weekend. 
I'll now get round to all your blogs and catch up with your news.

x Cathy


  1. You've had a busy few months. The tealight holders look really good..

  2. Beautiful my dear! Everything is lovely, the little bowls are beautiful X

  3. Loving everything as usual, especially the little flowers, they are adorable.

  4. The dishes are sweet and I love the wrap around vases. I love them so much I've just ordered one!

  5. I think William would approve of the flowers x

  6. Such lovely things as always! I especially like the candle holders!

  7. Lots of deliciousness Cathy - and I love the little flower cups, who cares if they are useful! xx

  8. Oh, those plates are brilliant!!!! And the vases, ah oh wonderful!

    You always surprise me with your fresh ideas, keep them coming :)

  9. Love that William Morris quote and your colourful world, Cathy.

  10. What lovely makes, those plates are so pretty and great idea with the tealights.

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