Thursday, 5 June 2014


The mugs are set up on old bushel boxes - good for carrying and for showing!
So, we're back from the Quilt Show and I can honestly say it was exhausting but also great fun.  The thing that stood out for me over the two days of the show was how friendly and helpful everyone in the world of quilting/sewing/making is!
Obviously I already knew that from blogging with you all, but it was lovely to chat for real and to meet new quilting-mad friends!

Quilt-block wrapping paper in 'Summer Winds' pattern

The lucky draw was drawn - congrats to you, Freda!  Parcel in the post!   It was a good experience and we didn't forget anything, afterall!  So, we will probably do it all again in the Autumn.

'Right Hand of Friendship' ceramic quilt block bowl 

It was also a useful way to get feedback on our new homewares products.  The most popular pattern range amongst customers seems to be the 'Right Hand of Friendship' items, which is also the case for the handmade pottery. That is surely because quilters are such a thoughtful, friendly bunch of people and the sentiment strikes a chord with them.

Friendship gifts.
So, lots of these were bought, even for Christmas presents,  (in May!!).

But now, I have to put my pottery hat on for a few weeks, (do potters wear hats??), to catch up with a backlog of orders from some very patient people!  Some of my bowls were seen at the recent Loch Lomond Quilt Show, and as a result, a flurry of orders has come in from north of the border!  And I have also been asked to work on a very special project, which I am seriously excited about, but which will have to wait til another blog post!

x Cathy


  1. Brilliant, so glad it went well for you.X

  2. I'm so glad it all went smoothly and successfully for you Cathy! Your stall looks very inviting, and I love the way you displayed everything and wore one of your lovely aprons!
    And for a reward for all your hard work with the Fair you get to slave over a hot potters wheel and kiln! Well done on all the orders, and the special project sounds very exciting.
    Can you tell me which NT place stocks your goodies as we're coming up to Norfolk soon so may be in the right area!
    Gill xx

  3. Hi Kathy. Your stall looks beautiful! Do you ever do the Country a living shows? There is one every year in Glasgow at SECC, and it is always fab, I think your beautiful wares would go down really well! Just a thought......

  4. Sorry, should read 'Country Living', not Country a living! Penny x

  5. You are so clever Cathy: love the wrapping paper too. I have my morning coffee out of my Hand of Friendship mug every morning - love it! x

  6. Congrats Cathy on your wonderful success at the show....Birmingham NEC next year perhaps? I agree with Penny piece in Country Living also perhaps?

  7. Pleased the show was a success for you Cathy. It is good to be busy!

  8. I'm glad it was such a success - will you be going to the Knitting and Stitching show in Harrogate in the winter?

  9. I'm glad that it went well for you, I hope that the next one is just as good - or better!! xx

  10. Your stand looks great Cathy - I am glad it went well for you. Lucky Freda. xx

  11. goodness, you are a busy bee just now. Your stand looks great and good that you've got lots of orders come in. Wonder what the special project is!


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