Tuesday, 24 June 2014

All about Me !

The lovely Penny at The Homemade Heart has nominated this little blog for the Liebster Award which I am sure you all know about, if you've been blogging for any length of time.  Thank You Very Much Penny!
It is basically a blog promotion system but also a nice way of getting to know more about the individual blogger.
Norfolk flint wall
I don't really post much information about ME in this blog, only about what I MAKE.  The first thing I have to do as part of this award is to give you 11 random facts about myself - brace yourself .... I said 'random', not 'interesting'!

1.  I love taking photos - always have, since a very young age. I photo everything, as you can see here!

2.  I like flint walls, which is a good thing as we are surrounded by them in Norfolk!

3.  I am a great believer that things look better in groups - even mop-buckets.

A gaggle of mop-buckets
4.  I speak three languages, reasonably fluently - French, German and Yorkshire.

5.  I have been a 'Yorkshire Lass' for 55 years now and have never once uttered the words "Eee bah Gum".

6.  I love watching wildlife.  It can be anything from the birds in the garden, whale-watching off Cape Cod or seals in North Norfolk - it is completely absorbing.

It's the eyes, isn't it?
7.  This is one of the most difficult blog posts I have ever written!!!  It feels like I don't know anything about myself at all.

8.  There are so many other crafts (apart from Pottery) which I NEED to have a go at, that I fear I shall run out of time!  

9.  I hate getting 'dressed up'.  I still look like a student most days.  I was a child of the 'party frock' era, and have been rebelling ever since.

Complete with fluffy little cardie!
10.  It's a cliche, but the best thing I've ever created is not my pottery, or my homewares designs, or my blog, or my home - it is my three brilliant, gorgeous, wonderful children.  They would insist they are no longer children, but they always will be to me!

11.  I am taking a break from everything at the end of this week and have loads to do in preparation, so that is my excuse for pretty much doing this post off the top of my head - yes, I know you can tell!!  

So - I think that's enough about me for now, but if you're still awake and want more, tune into the next post which is part two of the Liebster Award, in which I answer Penny's 11 specific, original and rather quirky questions!  Thanks, Penny, I enjoyed it really ;-)

x Cathy



  1. Oh Cathy, I had a little angora bolero like that too!! I adored it - and miss it still.
    We moved to Norfolk from Co Durham when I was 10, in 1965, and I remember in our first needlework class at Grammar school, we had to list the contents of our wardrobe, and the teacher said "Of course, nobody wears party frocks anymore, they are quite out of fashion" and I was truly shocked. I didn't dare mention the ones I'd carefully packed to bring to East Anglia! How times change.
    And yes, you deserve a Liebster Award for your fabulous blog
    summer blessings xx
    PS Blogger reading list playing up- I almost missed this post!!

  2. Awe we are of the same generation Cathy, I too had a fluffy bolero! :)
    And yes they will always be your children no matter how old they are!
    V x

  3. Congratulations on the award. I agree, it can be hard to think of "random" things to say - what does "random" mean in this context, anyway??

  4. It is great to read these things about you, they are a lot harder to come up with than you might think aren't they! I look forward to the rest of the post as and when you have time. Hope that you can get everything you need to finished and have some fun too! xx

  5. Kathy thank you for picking up the Liebster baton! So good to read about you and learn a little about the person behind the pottery! The photograph of you in the party dress is absolutely adorable! I agree it's difficult to think of things about yourself, hopefully you will find Part Two a bit easier. Enjoy your time off and I look forward to reading your answers next time........X

  6. I was another fluffy bolero wearer. I had a gorgeous party frock made from a fabric with little bunches of velvety cherries on a white background and a matching red velvet sash. Oh how I loved that dress! I too avoid saying stuff about myself so I feel your pain! have a good break!x

  7. Nice to get to know more about you Cathy. xx

  8. Cathy you deserve to win this award, your Blog is always such fun to follow. I have loved reading more about you, to be put on the spot like that with questions is not easy so well done. Fingers crossed for you xxxx

  9. Nice to find out more about you, I look forward to part 2! Have a good break :-)

  10. Hi Cathy,

    Congratulations on your Award and was fun to find our more about you.
    I was from the era of the party frock and had a little pale pink fluffy cardi just like yours - sweet post.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend


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