Friday, 11 July 2014

Blog Award - part two

So, back from my week away, and ready to tackle part two of the Liebster Blog Award in which I answer the11 questions which Penny has asked me.  To vary it a bit, I shall intersperse with photos I took while we were away.

Tintern Abbey - absolutely enchanting!

Who or what inspired you to start your blog?
A need to keep a log of what I'm making in my pottery and a wish to share my working methods and results with other like-minded people is what first inspired me.  I then created this new blog to include our recently launched quilty homewares news too.

My Ideal Friday Evening?
Cosy on the sofa under my homemade quilt, with glass of wine - one eye on the ipad and the other on the telly.

My favourite room in my house and why?
Easy - the kitchen.  It is large and welcoming, always Aga-warm, with a big table where people drift in and out and sit and chat, and drink tea and eat cake.

The fairytale tower which was our holiday cottage.  'Rapunzel, Rapunzel, .....'

Do I have a signature bake?
My date and walnut cake is very good.  Made from a secret recipe handed down through our family, which I can't divulge, but I can say  .....  it's got dates and walnuts in it.

My favourite fashion era and why?
Not sure really ....  I loved growing up in the sixties and wearing zip-front mini-dresses made by my mum from seriously psychedelic fabric!  Oh, and red hot-pants with a heart shaped bib!

My favourite piece of music?
'My One and Only Love' - John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman.  The saxophone interlude sublime.

A good real-ale pub within WALKING distance - happy hubby!

My most loved book as a child?
'The Golden Treasury of Poetry' selected by Louis Untermeyer and with gorgeous pen and ink drawings by Joan Walsh Anglund.  I still have it and still love it.

My least favourite household chore/task?
Cleaning the windows - never get them smear-free.  Too much of a perfectionist maybe.

Where and when do I like to read?
Don't get nearly enough time to read - but have a book by my bed and sometimes read before sleeping.

Cottage complete with it's own drawbridge!

Do I harbour a secret ambition that would surprise my family and friends?
Yes!  But it's a secret!!

Am I a make-up every day girl or do I prefer bare-faced beauty?
I tend to wear a bit of mascara and blusher every day, just so as not to scare babies and young children who may cross my path.

And that's my 11 questions answered, and well thought out they were too, Penny! I've enjoyed taking part in this award and will nominate my own award winners in due course, once I've had time to put some questions together.

And now I am going to catch up with you all as I have been a bit remiss lately!  Have a great weekend!

x Cathy


  1. Always good to find out a little more about our fellow bloggers - and what lovely illustrations!

  2. great questions! and answers x

  3. Hi Cathy, thanks so much for taking this on, hope you didn't feel too exposed by my tricky questions! Great to learn a bit more about you, and interspersed with your gorgeous photographs it made a really interesting post. Hope you fell suitably refreshed by your hol's X

  4. Great answers Cathy, and lovely pictures from your time away, hope that you enjoyed it! xx

  5. Another great post Cathy with great pictures and interesting answers. I really feel I know you better now! Glad you have had a fun filled time away, much needed I am sure after the last few months xxx

  6. I also meant to say that I also loved that Poetry book as a child and I too still have my copy, well read and looking worn, on the bookshelf - given to me by my Mum in 1961!

  7. I'm still catching up with everyone myself, after my blog break.

    Well done on the award. And date and walnut ... yum!

  8. Ah, hot-pants with a heart-shaped bib! They don't make fashions like those anymore!


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