Thursday, 30 October 2014

The Power of the Unusual

I'm always attracted by the unusual, the quirky and the downright odd, (and I'm not just talking about the Hubby here!).  I mean seeing the normal and ordinary in abnormal and extraordinary places.

Here are a few examples I've come across lately.....

Quilt blocks on quilts is usual.  Quilt blocks on barns is, well, unusual!  And for me, that's where the interest lies.  

'Robbing Peter to pay Paul' is the block here, I think.

Quilt blocks on quilts is ordinary.  Quilt blocks made of flowers is extraordinary, and there's a whole blog about it here.

A pinwheel block made of flowers.  photo courtesy of Amish County . org

Postcards made of card (the clue is in the name 'Post  Card') are now boring if made of card!  So much more exciting and exquisitely beautiful if they are made of textile, like this one from my friend Judy in Boise, Idaho. Do visit her blog - she excels at so many creative things: 

Thank you so much, Judy!  It is so beautiful - and unusual!!

From the look on our postman's face, I don't think he'd seen one before!
And, of course, last but not least, I hope I've proved that a quilt block is not only for quilts, but for homewares and handmade ceramic bowls.

Quilt-block tea towels, aprons, mugs, coasters and handmade ceramics from
And it's getting to that time of year again when we're all hunting for something unusual, something interesting, something a bit quirky even, for that perfect Christmas gift.   Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  No, me neither!

Cathy x


  1. I have managed to buy one present, but it was entirely by accident so I don't think it counts!

    I think you've proved - and not you alone! - that quilts provide endless inspiration in all manner of fields...

  2. Those quilty things are everywhere! Hope it's going well on the home front?

  3. Lovely to find quilt blocks in unusual laces! Judy's card is super - I have several of hers and I love them. Christmas shopping, as usual, I suspect will be a last minute thing! But next year I am determined to make more things and get them done over the year!!!

  4. I'm so glad that you liked the card! I do enjoy seeing quilts on barns and I try to take photos of them when I see one. Who would have thought about creating a quilt block with flowers??

  5. I've bought 2 books for my god daughter's baby and that's it so far. The rest will get done, they always do, but generally at the very last minute! I love the barn with the quilt :-)

  6. I have never seen a quilt on a barn before, it looks good though doesn't it. xx

  7. I especially love the quilt on the barn, as well as your ceramics of course! And Christmas shopping/making is actually not going too badly - for the first time ever! I was so disorganised and rushed last year that it really didn't help my enjoyment of the holidays, so it was my only New Year's resolution for this year and I'm making a big effort. Come Christmas Eve I'm going to be relaxed, presents already wrapped, food preparations all sorted, lovely fragrant smells wafting around my kitchen and enjoying some perfect Christmassy activity with the children - maybe finishing up decorating a gingerbread house or the cake! This is my dream anyway so wish me luck!


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