Friday, 7 November 2014

Bear Tracks in Autumn

Inspired by the beautiful Autumn leaves swirling madly outside my studio window, and one of my favourite quilt blocks, Bear Tracks, I knocked together this little number which came out of the kiln last week.  So pleased with it, I thought I'd share it here.

'Bear Tracks' quilt block bowl from Catherine Daniel Ceramics

The leaves around the border have come out really well, using the shape of the leaf to shape the edge of the piece.

Usual trimmings added at the end - ceramic button threaded onto bowl
I've finally got round to attaching some decent looking labels to my pieces too.

All sewn up in matching thread.
Thinking back,  it was no surprise that this pattern ended up as the basis for one of the homewares ranges
'Bear Tracks' tea-towel from
Don't worry - you won't get that old and shabby well-loved teddy bear with your order!

Speaking of which, I love this picture below which we used on the homewares website on the 'Bear Tracks' pages.
Teddy Bear and Train Tracks conjours up 'Bear Tracks'
I can think of safer places to walk, though,
like kicking through Autumn leaves on a blustery November day.  
Autumn Leaves ...... and Winter Arrives! 
Have you got your winter woollies out yet?

x Cathy


  1. Winter woollies? Are you kidding, I'm already into wearing my fingerless mittens to type - and even embroider!
    Love the leaf-blown edge - it looks very Autumnal!

  2. love the crisp autumn leaves. all the ones here are wet and soggy x

  3. Love the leaf edging, very effective. And yes, sadly coats and hats seem to be worn fairly regularly now :(

  4. No cathy woollies are packed away and its 30 deg here today! Love the leaf border. Your designs just get better and better!

  5. Beautiful work, as always, and lovely colours. Was admiring your pieces at the Quilt Museum in York a couple of weeks ago. Seeing the original quilt was amazing.

  6. Love your autumnal bowl. The weather finally turned here last weekend and yesterday I changed my summer duvet for the winter one! xx

  7. I love your old teddy. In fact, I had one just like him!! In fact, I still have him. He doesn't have eyes any more though. Just buttons! Love your bowl, especially the leaves around the edge and the texture to the squares. Very nice! xx

  8. Those leaves are so beautiful, such rich colours. Quite mild here today, but wooly jumpers areal looked out and waiting! X

  9. It's always so neat to see how you interpret quilt patterns in your work!! I like it, with the leaves on the border and the buttons that are added. We have snow on the ground and it's snowing right now :-)

  10. What a strange November it is though! My nasturtiums are still flowering and the weather isn't sure what to do with itself. I love your bear tracks dish. Very autumnal.

  11. I love the leafy edging, nicely done Cathy :)

  12. Another beautiful design, Cathy. Yup got my jumpers out - clung on with T-shirts until the end of October though!


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