Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Blank Canvas

First of all, a very Happy New Year to everyone and here's hoping that 2015 will be all that you want it to be!

Starting a brand new year can be quite an exciting thing, if you think about it.  A completely blank canvas, yet to be coloured in.  You might dare to use colours you never dreamt of before, or you might play it safe and go with what you know.

The choice is yours!  
Bisque-fired pottery awaiting glazing and re-firing

It's a bit like being faced with a batch of freshly bisque-fired pottery.  These are the blank canvases to be coloured in whatever way I choose.

Ceramic Quilt Bowl awaiting glazing - www.catherinedanielceramics.com

I sometimes find the plain cream colour of the bisque rather attractive in its own right. Maybe I will choose not to colour it at all and just put a transparent glaze onto it?  That would certainly be a bit of a diversion from my usual love of colour, but sometimes I do veer towards the plain, calm and quiet, instead of pots that shout "look at me!".

Scottish Borders in January 2015 - very black and white!

Maybe it's the influence of my new surroundings up here north of the border, which are pretty muted at the moment, but none the less beautiful for all that!

How will you colour your blank canvas of a new year - anything fresh and exciting planned?

Cathy x


  1. Ooo you must be right inland. Here on the coast it is pretty chilly but the little bit of snow we have had has not stuck. Eleanor xx

  2. Not sure how I'll colour this year yet, but I do like the sound of just glazing some of your pottery in its bisque colour. Happy new year!

  3. Like you, I am usually drawn to colour, but that bisque-fired pottery is a rather lovely colour...

  4. The bowls are all wonderful and will look amazing in whatever colours you glaze them I am sure! I hope you stay safe and warm in all that snow - snuggle up beside the kiln for some extra warmth! xx

  5. what a lovely snowy scene, stay warm and cosy x

  6. Love the hexagon bowls. I can't do low volume when there is so much colour available but they are all beautiful.
    Hope your new house has a massive heater!

  7. I just discovered your wonderful ceramics at Susan Briscoe's blog and I reblogged here in France :
    Congratulations for all these wonderful items!
    Can you send items to France too?

  8. I am hoping 2015 will be a healthy happy one for my dear family, and a busy, creative one for me, perhaps with room in my heart for a new friendship or two X

  9. Those bowls look gorgeous, and I'm thinking maybe variety is the key to 2015 - so some gorgeous and colourful, some more muted and some completely plain perhaps! Feeling a little envious of your snow, we were promised some last night that didn't materialise, still hoping though! And hope you're keeping cosy and warm with your cold weather too.

  10. Hello Cathy. Happy New Year and I hope that it is great for you. Those bowls look exciting! Having joined the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for this year I decided to base each of my 12 blocks on a different 'colour' scheme - so have started with black and white! xx

  11. Happy New Year, Cathy!
    Yes, I love the feeling of a brand new blank canvas too :)
    And can't wait to see what will you do with the windows :)

  12. Hi Cathy.I just wanted to say thank you for the super bowl you made for my 70 th birthday.Sarah,my daughter,had commissioned you to make it and I am thrilled with it.Ever since I first saw your work I wanted some!I sh.all treasure this pottery .A really special present.Barbaraxx

  13. Happy New Year Cathy- I am wondering how our new home place will change my work-once we get there- the huge skies,the beach and the marshland. Will be interesting. Have a good one my dear! Kate X


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