Thursday, 22 January 2015

Birthday gifts - say it with pottery!

A while ago a got a commission from a daughter to make a personalised bowl for her mother who apparently had always liked my ceramics (which makes me blush!).  But anyway, she gave me some information about her mum and her interests, etc and I got to work.  There are lots of examples of this type of piece at

Wet clay slab with basic design laid out.

Detail applied, clay dried out and read to fire.

After first firing, glazes applied and ready to fire again.

Out of the second firing - all ok - phew!

For a lady who loves books and knitting and ....

gardening and ......

last, but I suspect not least, her lovely grandchildren!

Seventy years young this week!

Happy Birthday Barbara!  The best people have January birthdays, 
says me who just turned ??? well, not yet 70, but getting there fast!

Do you find that the older you get, the quicker the time flies by?  A year somehow doesn't last as long as it used to!  What's that all about!

x Cathy


  1. I saw this wonderful bowl on the birthday girls blog I believe and thought it was incredible, but it is lovely to see the different processes involved and how it all came together. This is a wonderful piece that I am sure will be treasured forever! You are so talented!! xx

  2. A great success, indeed. I've tried doing things with clay, and the idea of knitting needles and grandchildren ... Well done you!

  3. good to see you've settled in and working well! xx

  4. Absolutely beautiful Cathy! Lucky birthday girl! X

  5. it is beautiful, lucky lady xxx

  6. Beautiful and happy birthday to you. I'm in Tokyo for the quilt show. Great city!

  7. Lovely piece Cathy - she will love it. And Happy Birthday to you too. xx

  8. What a wonderful idea for a gift. I bet she loved it.

  9. Happy Birthday to you! What an awesome piece that is sure to be loved. You do such a nice job with your designs.

  10. Super- kiln all set up then? Excellent!


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