Thursday, 30 June 2016

Jolly June Update

.....except that it really hasn't been as jolly as it should have,
what with the awful British weather 
combined with the awful British politics -
nothing for it but to bury myself in my studio and make stuff!!!

I pretended it was Summer
by making loads of coastal-themed things!

Hanging fish and driftwood - available from CatherineDanielPots on Etsy
On the few sunny days we had,
I was out in the yard
cleaning up and sanding down my driftwood stash
ready for assembling with the ceramic pieces.

Driftwood and ceramic sailing boat - on Etsy

I love the way the grain of this piece of wood above
looks like choppy waves!

Made these little cones ages ago,
so it was good to finally assemble them 
on to driftwood to make wall vases.  
The green one sold within five minutes of listing in my Etsy shop!

Driftwood and ceramic wall vases available from Etsy
These little boats with heart-shaped sails
no longer linger in a corner of the studio!. 
Now they've been mounted onto driftwood
with a hanger on the back.

 Restocked things that sold from my Etsy shop,
 like these little Paisley tealight holders.

And still trying to catch up - 
have got lots of work in progress 
which will come through in the weeks ahead.

Work in progress - waiting to be fired
 It wasn't all work and no play though.  
We went off to Wembley to see this bloke again,
and he was brilliant, as usual!

Bruce Springsteen 'The River Tour' Wembley Stadium
and we went to see our youngest's
Illustration end of Degree show - 
for which he got a First! Well done Joe!
That's the last of the three through Uni 
and out the other side!  Phew!

End of Degree Exhibition work

And now, I think it might be time 
for a little holiday in the Dordogne,
where it has been known to be warm
and sunny in the Summer months!

x Cathy


  1. Enjoy your holiday. I hope you have some good weather as an antidote to the ghastly weather and ghastly politics.

  2. Sorry t hear you are having rotten summer weather. Hope it comes good and lasts well into September for you. Congrats on the End of Degree display. Not hard to see where that talent came from.

  3. You should put some Paisley pots in the Norfolk shawls exhibition in the autumn check out the costume and textile association site. Your dishes reflect the shape of the patterns x!

  4. Lovely pieces and Have a great holiday!

  5. Lovely pieces. Have a brilliant holiday

  6. You have had a very busy month!! Congratulations to your son on his wonderful degree result, that is wonderful! Love all of your pottery things, I am not surprised that they are selling so well!

  7. You must be a proud mummy! What fantastic news! Enjoy your holiday Cathy, hope the weather is gorgeous for you X

  8. Definitely ignoring the weather and the politics, it sounds like June was jolly. Love your makes with the driftwood, especially the fish, you must be so happy and proud for your son and I'm very envious of both Bruce and the Dordogne! We went to see Bruce in Cardiff on his last tour and he was amazing, sadly none of the dates/places worked very well for us this time around, so we're hoping he will tour again - as well as being amazing just as a performer he was such an inspiration on growing old, and continuing to throw himself into what he clearly loves doing with such energy. Enjoy the Dordogne - how could you not?!

  9. Congratulations to Joe. I'm fond of Bruce, too. (Cover Me is my favourite song!)


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