Friday, 29 July 2016

July - Hi and Goodbye!

So, nearly through the sunny, summery month of July - 
yes, it was worth waiting for wasn't it? 
We had a wonderful break in the Dordogne and
I got back to the pottery raring to go.  
So this is some of what emerged ...

Glazed pieces going into their second firing

Opening the kiln - the magic has happened again!!
Loved the response on Instagram
to this little patchwork plate.
I was so pleased with the way it turned out.

Sold within a few days
I am keenly aware that not everyone
has the spare cash to spend
on luxuries like ceramics, 
so I always try to make smaller pieces
that are more affordable. 

Only four left in my Etsy shop now
 These tiny one-hexie-patch dishes
 are only £10 each in my Etsy shop.

Star-shaped lace-imprint bowl   -  Sold
I made another star-shaped bowl 
with a vintage lace pattern
to replace the last one which sold straight away,
and then this one did too! 
Note to self - Make Lots of These Next Time!  
This one turned out unintentionally Christmassy
(there - said the word - in July!).

Flower power buttons - small, medium and large - on my Etsy
 Attempted a more grungy, vintage look
 with my hanging pieces - think it worked.

Mucky Hens!
And lots lots more of the same
so that hopefully when it comes to selling 
at the Creake Abbey Summer Gift Fair
on Saturday 27th August, 
I shall still have some stock to sell!

If you're in the area around that time,
do come and say hello.  
You'll find me hiding under the table, 
to avoid the vague discomfort 
of people looking at my stuff in front of me! 
I hope to get over that one day!

x Cathy


  1. Glad to see you still producing gorgeous items. That star dish is almost as pretty as the one I bought from you :) Loving the buttons as well.

  2. Yes, it's lovely to see your posts smiling at me when I check instagram!

  3. Lovely pieces Cathy. Hope you caught the good weather in the Dordogne - it's been pretty up and down over the last month. xx

  4. Beautiful work as always Cathy. I have had a couple of baking stalls at Christmas Fayres etc, and it is an uncomfortable experience to have people judging your efforts in front of you! On the other hand, it is very nice when people are kind and enthusiastic, which in your case, I am syre they will be! X

  5. Good luck with your stall, as long as your stock hasn't already all sold I'm sure it will go amazingly. Your bowls are just gorgeous.


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