Sunday, 7 September 2014

1718 Coverlet Ceramics in Pictures

I took the 1718 ceramics to the Quilt Museum last week whilst they were setting up the exhibition and I got to see behind the scenes.  The actual Coverlet was not yet up but I did see the reproduction, made by members of the Quilters Guild, and even that was just stunning.

I shall return in a few weeks to see the exhibition in full swing.  Here are the last pictures of the pieces which are now on sale at York.

The Fleur de Lys corner block.   
What IS that shape top left??  A crab?  A spider?

The motifs and silk fabrics used suggest that EH was from a well-to-do family

The border above was done with my forky-spoony thing.  

I shall miss working on these, but I do have a backlog of 'normal' quilt bowls to catch up on, and my pre-Christmas stocks have run dangerously low!  Added to which, my kiln may soon be in the back of a furniture lorry headed to some as yet unknown destination!!  

Oh, well.  Too much certainty is not good for a person!  More of all that to come, probably ... possibly .... maybe ..... who knows!

Have a great week.

x Cathy


  1. I love them,and I love the idea. Wonderful. xx

  2. I hope the exhibition and sale of your bowls are both a huge success. It is really fascinating to see a familiar craft represented in an unfamiliar medium..

  3. What a great "thingy" for the border! I bet your work looks amazing at the museum and I hope they sell,out,in a flash! Let me know when the mags come out.
    Had a great time in York , horrible 14 hr trip home but all good and back into it! So,glad we met up.

  4. I love your work Cathy - hope they sell well. Would love to get to the exhibition but it's very unlikely.xx

  5. Beautiful bowls! I hope there are some left when I visit the Quilt Museum in October! X

  6. What fun to see the exhibition while it is still being put together. Must plan a trip up to see it - and purchase a bowl! Kx

  7. they all look great. furniture lorry, that sounds both exciting and terrifying...... x

  8. Fascinating to read the history of this project over the last few posts, Cathy. Love your use of colour.


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