Thursday, 18 September 2014

Schoolhouse Block

An adaptation of the 'Little Red Schoolhouse' block - not done this one before and I actually found it quite tricky.

Little Blue Schoolhouse ?

Had to make a template and everything!  No 'winging it' on this one!

Making the template gave me the idea of making a little hanging house

Wanted to make the houses all kind of merge into each other, and quite like the higgledy-piggledy look of the finished pattern.

Now available from:

Added a kind of brick-wall effect as a border, along with the usual little ceramic button.

Brickwall detail around border

 And, of course, a little bit of sewing up was needed, as always.  I put my potter's mark above the doorway of each house - it's an overlapping C and D - not very inventive really!

Enjoyed using this block and will definitely make more in different colour combos.  May even put 'Home Sweet Home' or similar, in the border?  Might make a nice house-warming gift, maybe?

This must be a result of having houses on the brain at the moment.  We've sold ours and have yet to find another and I have looked at so many online, they are all merging together - a bit like this pattern!!

We haven't moved for 15 years - any tips welcome!

x Cathy


  1. It looks really effective and I think it would be a perfect house warming present. Good luck with finding somewhere, the whole process is such a pain but if you've sold yours then you're in an excellent position and my only tip would be 'just keep looking' !

  2. Love the new design as always. Re finding a house. Go and see a lot! It's a pain but the only way. Good luck with the hunt. xx

  3. Good luck finding a house you really love! House design plate just lovely, I think 'Home Sweet Home' on them would be adorable X

  4. Don't settle for second best for your new home, you will only be disappointed down the line :) I'm loving the school house blocks. I can see these in a red colour way. They can be very striking in appearance. You could do a hanging set of houses in different colourways interspersed with flowers (garden) perhaps using string or twine to join them. Like you say a very nice house warming present.

  5. Make lots of plates to keep yourself sane!

  6. We haven't moved for 24 years so no tips from me, I find the mere thought of it terrifying! I just love your little button and lacing detail. Good luck with finding a new home. X

  7. Good luck with the move. Love the button and all the little detail in your work.

  8. This is lovely Cathy, and I saw a quilt with a similar design to this recently at the American Museum in Bath. The bricks around the border are inspired and add just the right touch! The little hanging house is too cute!!! xx

  9. Your little hanging house I'd buy that in a heartbeat and then some for my shop too

  10. I love how you have used the houseblock. The bricks around the edge are such a clever touch. The little hanging house is gorgeous too!! Good luck with your house hunting.


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