Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Playing with patches of colour

Playing with patches of colour is a great way to spend time, quite a long time sometimes!  It doesn't matter whether its bits of gorgeous fabric or squares of glazed ceramic.  I mix and match, and mutter 'Yesss!' at one colour combo and then 'Eeek, No!' at another.  

Tiny ceramic tiles.  Available to order from www.catherinedanielceramics.com

And one thing generally leads to another, so that the little ceramic tiles then become patches on a ceramic quilt bowl.

Ceramic patchwork bowl from www.catherinedanielceramics.com

A while ago now,  I started playing about with these beautiful vintage fabrics below.

Vintage 30's and 40's fabrics
And during that little play I mused upon how lovely they would look as the basis for a range of traditional quilt block patterns.

The 'Right Hand of Friendship' block used in our Homewares collection

And then, as usual, one thing led to another and the new homewares collection was born.

Available from www.cathydaniel.co.uk

And when they ask, you say, "It may look like I'm just playing about but there's serious stuff going on here!"

Playing around with stuff is where it all starts - but then you all know that because I bet you all do it too?

x Cathy


  1. Your ability to create beautiful combinations is inspiring. I love those fabrics, have you made them into a proper quilt yet? That's the next step :) Loving the little ceramic squares. I'm thinking tray tops, box tops, table tops .... Must get me some.

  2. Absolutely. If you aren't playing with stuff, you're missing a trick!

  3. Yes indeed. If you're not playing with these things, you're missing a trick!

  4. It's lovely to see the original vintage fabrics from which you drew your designs and inspiration Cathy, especially as I am lucky enough to see and use both the mug and coaster from your Right Hand of Friendship range on a daily basis!
    The tiny tiles are very sweet, you have such an eye for colour and simple but stunning design!
    Gill xx

  5. That's the joy of patchwork, whether in fabric or ceramics, playing around with different combinations. Your combinations look gorgeous. And isn't it amazing how even a tiny change can make all the difference?

  6. Play is so important for every age, not just children! And your play has borne very beautiful fruits! X

  7. It sure beats a "real" job doesn't it!

  8. I'm desperately thinking where could I put those little tiles... They are just gorgeous!

  9. I love those little tiles, and the vintage fabric too :-)

  10. They are like lovely little mediaeval tiles! Gorgeous.

  11. I totally agree Cathy, you have to play around before you can get to the finished item! I love the new bowl, just beautiful. xx

  12. I love those little tiles. xx


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